Darren Pawski NicheWhat is a business without marketing but nothing more than a social club? Without marketing, the business would cease to be a business because funding wouldn’t exist. Marketing is what fuels the business to pay the bills, gain investors, business partners, promote new products and services and overall grow the business.

In order to get in good with market, most businesses hire a professional like Darren Pawski to promote business growth by creating a nitche. Your business niche should be something that will always be needed that is also a low saturated market. A good example of a niche can be found using Google Adwords as it will show the most searched for queries and most invested markets. Those that have high investment rates are overly saturated. Clothing is an example of a bad niche because it will always be returned which is bad for business.


fence-940225_960_720Diversification in any kind of investment strategy is recognized as being of paramount importance, particularly since a diverse investment portfolio can create a sort of insulating effect against any potentially devastating circumstances. In its efforts to inform and empower its investors, Ironfish reviews principles from all industries with the understanding that some of these principles could be applied with great results to a comprehensive property investment strategy. With regard to niche marketing principles, the superficial view would seem to be that a niche approach is somewhat at odds with the inherent practicality of diversification, but that is not necessarily the case upon deeper inspection.

As Ironfish and others have recognized, niche marketing principles can indeed be applied to any number of investment strategies, including property investment strategies. In niche marketing, of course, the idea is to carve out an area of the market that is underserved or is largely viewed as a subset of a larger entity. By focusing on a specific niche and cultivating the status as an expert and an authority, an investor is able to establish a firm grip on this kind of market and therefore generate greater results through this strategy. In property investment, niche markets and niche properties absolutely exist, and it is possible — assuming the other influencing circumstances remain ideal — for investors to adopt a niche strategy that remains in keeping with the principle of investment portfolio diversification.


A few years ago, I was contacted by a guy who ran his own dropshipping¬†business and he was going to teach me how to do what he does. He had sent me various emails saying to be prepared for him to call me at such a time and he would go on teaching me how this business works. The call came through and we spoke for a good 15 minutes getting to know each other. The first thing he said I needed to begin my business was a niche. I had no idea what a niche was. I had actually never heard the word, “niche.”

I spoke with a successful businessman whom I knew in person by the name of Halden Zimmermann looking for answers about what a niche was and how do you get one. Zimmermann chuckled to himself and explained that a niche was a personal marketing idea and I could read more about such things of business on his blog. It has to be a market that isn’t too popular, but is still highly in demand. Easily, I got my idea….er, my niche of what I want to market: Gaming mice.

I owe Halden Zimmermann a great deal of thanks for being so available to answer my questions, and not only that, but also for helping me understand how business and marketing worked. I have never had business experience before, but Halden has saved the day.


It should be plainly evident that investing in effective marketing strategies is critical to the success and continued growth of businesses in any industry. The marketing plan should be structured in a way that achieves the best possible result, which means that the collaborative process between the business and the marketer is of particular importance. After all, a marketer cannot effectively promote a business without first receiving input from the owner of that business. While the early collaborative process is a vital step in developing a marketing plan, the work of the business owner is not done after a plan is approved.

For a marketing strategy to generate the best possible results, business owners have to be absolutely committed to reinvesting in their customers. This means that the return on the marketing investment should not just be spent on future marketing strategies or simply put away as increased earnings. The best way to maximize the results of a marketing plan is to improve upon the products and services available to consumers.

Without a clear commitment to the customer, even the best marketing strategies will begin to seem hollow. Businesses who want to ensure long-term success and profitability must view their satisfied customers as the strongest component of their marketing strategy, as these customers reinforce and support the statements and promises made in future marketing campaigns.

A perfect example of a company that understands this principle can be found in Destin, Florida. Blu By The Sea has helped many people overcome difficult circumstances over the years, and the individuals receiving this help have firsthand knowledge of just how committed the organization is when it comes to how they treat their clients. These clients are then more than happy to corroborate the claims made during any marketing campaign, which in turn makes the campaign that much more effective on the whole.