Krishen Iyer’s Blogging Tips for Increasing Traffic

People write blogs for different reasons. Some do it for money while others do it for fun. Whatever the reason, it’s always motivating to have other people going through your content. The number of web visitors determines the traffic. Getting people to view your site, sometimes, is too much of a hassle because you have to advertise your website to get visitors. Moreover, you must have fresh content so that people can keep coming back to the blog. To get more readers, you need to adjust and practice a few things. Below are pro-tips to help you increase your blog’s traffic.

Krishen Iyer’s #1 tip is to create an email subscription program. Having the emails of your readers will make it easier to tell them about the new posts you put up. Every time you write about something, you’ll invite those on your email list to read and comment on it. Your list can include colleagues, pals and family members. Although this is an excellent way to increase your traffic, you might need a smart approach for it to work. Offer your readers some form of incentive to get their contact information. For example, you can create a sign-up form and offer free e-books, reports or videos.

Interact with other bloggers. Be sure to check out other people’s blog, especially those in your niche. Take your time to read their content and leave thoughtful comments. Most people don’t make the most out of the comment section because they leave generic feedback like “awesome” and “nice read.” Craft your words correctly so that you can appear genuine. When your comments are unique and genuine, the other bloggers will appreciate your effort. What’s more, they’ll want to return the favor by reading your posts too. With time, this sort of interaction will improve your blog’s traffic.

Krishen Iyer also recommending using blog directories wisely. Most bloggers don’t know about the importance of submitting their sites to blog directories. Maybe it’s because it appears to be a difficult and time-consuming task. This might be true, but with time it gets easier. As a blogger who wants to improve your traffic, you need to set aside a couple of hours to submit to blog.

If you’re a busy person, consider hiring a virtual assistant. You’ll spend some money, but it will be a worthwhile investment. Remember to keep track of all your submissions.

Be consistent. Success is built on consistency. Blogging requires 100% effort. If you know you won’t have time to post regularly on your blog, you need to hire someone for that. Better still, you can create several blogs and schedule them. Your site’s system will publish them automatically. Fresh content will help you keep your existing readers and attract others. Also, it will help your build a name for yourself as a disciplined individual who cares about his blog’s visitors.

These are just a few of the things that Krishen Iyer recommends that you do to get more traffic. However, if you implement them, you’ll begin to notice some improvements with time. Keep in mind that you’re responsible for your web traffic. Hence, it’s up to you to attract people to your blog.


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