Terry Bandy

Terry Bandy

In recent years, the most in-demand job skills center around tech, even for companies that aren’t technology-based companies. According to a Business Insider article, the 10 most in-demand skills for 2017 included SEO/ SEM marketing and statistical and data analysis. This stands to reason. As senior data scientist Terry Bandy pointed out in an article on Five Hundo, skills interpreting and using big data solves concrete problems.

The challenge for many would-be employees, however, is trying to figure out which exact skill sets will help them. SEO/ SEM and big data have already been named as the most wanted skills, but this can be a bit misleading. Within each of these skills are many skill subsets that make up the main skill set. Below, you’ll find a more detailed explanation of what those marketing and data skills can possibly entail.

1. Quantitative Analysis

According to Forbes, the ability to perform quantitative analysis sits at the heart of the job of the data professional. This can range from looking at data pertaining to experimental design and analysis to examining information about machine learning.

This type of job really appeals to those who enjoy taking apart – so to speak – complex data problems and who like working with numbers. In fact, Terry Bandy has said that a good portion of his day is spent “mining numbers” for his clients.


SEO/ SEM skills and quantitative analysis skills really go hand-in-hand in many respects. Effective SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing) relies on the marketer’s ability to analyze data from the moment he/ she searches for possible keywords until the moment when the keywords are then incorporated into the content in question.

Typically, a marketer must use a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner in order to find keywords for an ad or marketing campaign. Once the marketer interfaces with the tool, he/ she can then look at all the possible keywords that he/ she can use for website marketing content like blog posts.

During the search phase, the marketer is usually just getting ideas for possible keyword phrases to incorporate into the written material. That said, a certain amount of data analysis must take place. Otherwise, the marketer would not be able to make a decision about which keywords/ phrases to use. As many marketers have discovered, the keyword that gets the most searches on Google is not always the best keyword to try to rank for.

Once the words are incorporated into the marketing content, the marketer then must analyze the effectiveness of those keywords to see how well they are pulling in readers. In this respect, the marketers work mirrors the work of the data scientist. The ability to read the analytics from a website or blog and to make adjustments in the SEO/ SEM campaign is vital to the long-term success of the campaign. Given that much of marketing these days is content marketing, the ability to perform these duties cannot be overstated.

3. Soft Skills/ Hybrid Skills

Marketing and data analysis jobs require more than just technical skills, however. The most prepared members of the workforce nowadays have what Investopedia calls “hybrid skills.” This might be a person who is a data professional who also has strong sales or communication skills.

There is a certain 21st century logic to all of this, of course. The ability to communicate well has become especially critical in industries like medicine or technology: It’s one thing for a data scientist to understand what the data means. It’s another thing altogether for a non-data professional to understand what the data is saying. (These are usually the clients.) Specifically, the client must have a solid grasp of what the data reveals in order to make any marketing or business decisions.

This is backed-up by the real-world experience of data professionals like Terry Bandy. He explained that part of his job includes creating presentations for his clients, which highlight what the data means. The data must be presented in such a way that gets past the jargon and into the more common language of the non-data professional. Communication, in this respect, is about more than just the spoken word. The strong communicator can create graphics presentations, write documents geared toward the layman, and synthesize information into white papers and other marketing materials.

Final Thoughts

In the 21st century, people with data and marketing skills will continue to be in high demand. Many of these skills are logical. For example, the data professional must have a good grasp of mathematics, programming, and data analysis. However, it’s the soft skills like sales or communication in tandem with these hard skills that win the day. The best-prepared workers are able to combine hards skills like marketing or data science with soft skills like teamwork or communication. The ability to do so typically leads to more job opportunities in the long run.

People write blogs for different reasons. Some do it for money while others do it for fun. Whatever the reason, it’s always motivating to have other people going through your content. The number of web visitors determines the traffic. Getting people to view your site, sometimes, is too much of a hassle because you have to advertise your website to get visitors. Moreover, you must have fresh content so that people can keep coming back to the blog. To get more readers, you need to adjust and practice a few things. Below are pro-tips to help you increase your blog’s traffic.

Krishen Iyer’s #1 tip is to create an email subscription program. Having the emails of your readers will make it easier to tell them about the new posts you put up. Every time you write about something, you’ll invite those on your email list to read and comment on it. Your list can include colleagues, pals and family members. Although this is an excellent way to increase your traffic, you might need a smart approach for it to work. Offer your readers some form of incentive to get their contact information. For example, you can create a sign-up form and offer free e-books, reports or videos.

Interact with other bloggers. Be sure to check out other people’s blog, especially those in your niche. Take your time to read their content and leave thoughtful comments. Most people don’t make the most out of the comment section because they leave generic feedback like “awesome” and “nice read.” Craft your words correctly so that you can appear genuine. When your comments are unique and genuine, the other bloggers will appreciate your effort. What’s more, they’ll want to return the favor by reading your posts too. With time, this sort of interaction will improve your blog’s traffic.

Krishen Iyer also recommending using blog directories wisely. Most bloggers don’t know about the importance of submitting their sites to blog directories. Maybe it’s because it appears to be a difficult and time-consuming task. This might be true, but with time it gets easier. As a blogger who wants to improve your traffic, you need to set aside a couple of hours to submit to blog.

If you’re a busy person, consider hiring a virtual assistant. You’ll spend some money, but it will be a worthwhile investment. Remember to keep track of all your submissions.

Be consistent. Success is built on consistency. Blogging requires 100% effort. If you know you won’t have time to post regularly on your blog, you need to hire someone for that. Better still, you can create several blogs and schedule them. Your site’s system will publish them automatically. Fresh content will help you keep your existing readers and attract others. Also, it will help your build a name for yourself as a disciplined individual who cares about his blog’s visitors.

These are just a few of the things that Krishen Iyer recommends that you do to get more traffic. However, if you implement them, you’ll begin to notice some improvements with time. Keep in mind that you’re responsible for your web traffic. Hence, it’s up to you to attract people to your blog.


As a graphics designer, you want to grow your career and this can only be possible if you will get clients. Completing projects gives you a chance experiment with different techniques and tools. There are many ways you can get clients including setting up a company and spending on marketing. Alternatively, you can join online platforms that connect clients with skilled freelancers. On such platforms you need to set up your profile to reflect the skills you have and what you promise to offer your clients. If you want to find new clients faster, consider applying the following ideas.

Tokens of appreciation

Appreciating those who have supported you while searching for clients can add value to your business. Immediately you close a deal, make sure you ask for several referrals that might need your services, and give a token of appreciation through discounts to those who embrace your offer. Explain to people in your circles that they will receive offers for ordering services with your company.

Get noticed

Regardless of how much you can give, people will want to understand the skills and expertise you have. To showcase your experience as a graphics designer, you can set up a blog where you will be sharing as much as possible about your craft. Blogs can broaden your audience if the content you post is interesting to majority of those who come across it. Earning online popularity also gives you a chance to stand out from the competition, and this also ensures that your pipeline gets future clients.

Tap into creativity

Graphics design is a field that calls for a great deal of creativity, so you need to consider upgrading your skills and techniques of design. Learning about new tools and practicing how to apply them to offer unique designs can help you to land more clients. Many clients want to stand out and whenever they go searching for a graphics designer, they consider creativity and the ability to give something unique that can be noticed by many. Offering creatively designed photos as samples will also increase your chances of getting referrals.

Impress your customers

Although marketing is vital to a graphics designer, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to get clients. Serving your current lot of clients well could get you more clients in through referrals. Good services elevate your reputation, which in turn gets more people to trust in what you offer.

Check your pricing model

As Charles Lubbat explains, pricing also affects the response clients will give whenever they come across your work. Despite the fact that most clients want to enjoy high quality, few are able to pay a lot for these services. Therefore, you need to come up with a flexible pricing model that accommodates all categories of clients. This way, you will have tapped into a large basked of clients who could change your business by offering more business to you. Graphics design is a business like any other and you need intelligence in every step made.

Every organization, regardless of the industry in which they operate, stands to benefit from the increasingly effective and efficient use of digital marketing practices. With the development of The #1 Test Case Management Tool – qTest Manager – QASymphony has successfully demonstrated that digital marketing practices can be made more efficient and effective when organizations develop an understanding of how test case management principles can be applied in service of an overarching digital marketing strategy.

During the planning stages, organizations should consider the wide variety of factors that might influence the overall success a digital marketing campaign is ultimately able to achieve. These factors will go a long way in determining the most appropriate strategic approach for the digital marketing campaign, whether it is a B2B digital marketing campaign, a content marketing management campaign, or any one of the many other campaigns and strategies that play such a key role in the planning process.

With a campaign strategy in place, companies must then turn their attention to identifying the specific audience they wish to reach during the course of the digital marketing campaign. The desired target market will in turn help determine the specific marketing actions most likely to convert those reached by the campaign into customers through some form of engagement.

Given the multitude of factors at play in the decision-making process, developing a digital marketing campaign that is as effective and efficient as possible is an undeniably daunting responsibility. The same can be said of the processes involved in software testing, particularly since there are so many parties involved in a detail-oriented and time-intensive responsibility. It is because of these similarities that QASymphony believes digital marketing professionals looking to enhance the overall efficiency and efficacy of their campaigns can apply and seamlessly incorporate many of the test case management practices it has advocated.

The ability to integrate a company’s existing digital marketing practices with a new — and potentially more efficient — system for developing a marketing campaign is perhaps the most critical issue facing any organization. After all, it is far more convenient to improve upon the existing practices that an organization is keenly familiar with rather than attempting to put an entirely new and unfamiliar system in place. Choosing the latter approach is often a recipe for disaster, as the unfamiliarity with the system will result in substantial resistance and potential frustration, outcomes that will occur regardless of the potential benefits associated with such a change.

Arturo Alvarez-Demalde: Staying Up To DateManaging partner Arturo Alvarez-Demalde stays connected via his Twitter page, found at https://twitter.com/arturoalvarezd.

Featuring articles, interviews, advice, and profiles from around the internet, Alvarez-Demalde consistently provides up to date information on a rapidly evolving business continuum.

Alvarez-Demalde also keeps in touch with Spanish language interests, providing additional insight into his life and business mentality.

Darren Pawski NicheWhat is a business without marketing but nothing more than a social club? Without marketing, the business would cease to be a business because funding wouldn’t exist. Marketing is what fuels the business to pay the bills, gain investors, business partners, promote new products and services and overall grow the business.

In order to get in good with market, most businesses hire a professional like Darren Pawski to promote business growth by creating a nitche. Your business niche should be something that will always be needed that is also a low saturated market. A good example of a niche can be found using Google Adwords as it will show the most searched for queries and most invested markets. Those that have high investment rates are overly saturated. Clothing is an example of a bad niche because it will always be returned which is bad for business.


proposable web designKeeping up with an industry in which change is such a constant requires an absolutely extraordinary level of devotion, which is why so many web design firms seek out individuals whose passion for their work extends far beyond their professional responsibilities. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of being a web designer in today’s marketplace is cultivating and maintaining the ability to be a driving force behind these changes rather than merely being able to respond to changes as they occur, so any practice that can enhance operational efficiency has to be incorporated into a comprehensive business strategy.

Using a web design proposal template is one such way to enhance efficiency when it comes to securing clients in need of web design services, but it is absolutely critical to discuss the importance of utilizing highly customizable proposal templates like the ones available through Proposable.com in order to actually reap the reward associated with doing so. Given the rapid changes so common to the web design industry, a web design proposal template has to be just as adept at adaptation as any web design firm or web design professional in order to be valuable.

Adapting Proposals to Reflect Best Practices in SEO and Niche Marketing

It’s fairly likely that an overwhelmingly successful web design proposal drafted over a year ago will not yield anything approximating its original outcome if it were used today. Even a three-month old proposal will likely include information that is no longer useful, which is why selecting a template for web design proposals must include a serious focus on customization in addition to the many other considerations that should factor in such a selection.

When a template offers a host of customizable options and is capable of making the proposal process more efficient in every aspect of creation, delivery, tracking and more, it becomes far more likely that a web design firm will be able to dedicate itself to remaining at the forefront of the industry through strategies aimed at innovation and growth.

Demonstrate a Commitment to a Consistently Thorough Approach

Using a highly customizable proposal template also reflects well on any SEO, web design or niche marketing firm’s commitment to individualization in its approach to web design, not only because of the unique appearance of the proposal itself, but also because of the advanced functionalities of the proposal platform being utilized. Firms using Proposable, for example, are able to communicate with prospective clients inside the proposal itself, which makes conducting and closing a negotiation simple and straightforward for all of the parties involved.

It’s a simple fact of the matter that clients will use the proposal process to get an idea of a firm’s level of professionalism and its commitment to a detailed and rigorous approach to web design, so making use of a proposal template capable of so much reflects exceptionally well on the firm and further enhances the likelihood of closing a deal with a prospective client in need of web design services.

fence-940225_960_720Diversification in any kind of investment strategy is recognized as being of paramount importance, particularly since a diverse investment portfolio can create a sort of insulating effect against any potentially devastating circumstances. In its efforts to inform and empower its investors, Ironfish reviews principles from all industries with the understanding that some of these principles could be applied with great results to a comprehensive property investment strategy. With regard to niche marketing principles, the superficial view would seem to be that a niche approach is somewhat at odds with the inherent practicality of diversification, but that is not necessarily the case upon deeper inspection.

As Ironfish and others have recognized, niche marketing principles can indeed be applied to any number of investment strategies, including property investment strategies. In niche marketing, of course, the idea is to carve out an area of the market that is underserved or is largely viewed as a subset of a larger entity. By focusing on a specific niche and cultivating the status as an expert and an authority, an investor is able to establish a firm grip on this kind of market and therefore generate greater results through this strategy. In property investment, niche markets and niche properties absolutely exist, and it is possible — assuming the other influencing circumstances remain ideal — for investors to adopt a niche strategy that remains in keeping with the principle of investment portfolio diversification.

I recently had the opportunity to interview an under the radar internet marketing guru Arturo Alvarez Demalde. If you haven’t heard the name, don’t worry, that’s the “under the radar” part.

Arturo Alvarez Demalde has been employed with a few different companies and recently did some consulting for Slaske and Kimra Bettasso.

In his time with Ralph Slaske and Kimra Bettasso, Alvarez Demalde learned a lot but also imparted a lot of knowledge. I asked him about his niche work along with the work he has been doing.

What type of Niche Marketing do you do?

I’ve done just about everything. I own about 30 niche sites. Each site is in a different industry. I have home improvement sites along with custom women’s handkerchiefs. One of my favorite sites is my coffee blog. That blog isn’t monetized at all, but maybe one day I’ll get around to that.

Alvarez Demalde on enjoyment:

I have always enjoyed a challenge and SEO has been just that. There are so many algorithm changes and updates that keeping up to date is a full time job. If you’re not testing and always looking for the next effective method, you’ll be stuck in the past telling people to edit their Meta Tags!

Arturo Alvarez DemaldeWhat would you suggest for new SEO’s?

Only get into this business if you’re passionate about it. There are plenty of people around that are here for the money and it’s obvious. The money will follow the passion and that’s how almost every successful businessperson started. Once you’ve developed your passion and have a following, it’s easy to monetize. I have come up against a few very challenging situations in which I was tasked with monetizing a very weird site or industry and honestly it’s not that difficult. Building a brand and following can take years. Monetizing takes a month.

Monetizing takes a month!? Care to explain?

You’re right, maybe 31 days is more accurate! Seriously though, you reach out to prospective advertisers who are not competitors. Imagine you have a blog about DIY tricks to build fireplaces or something like that. Your advertisers can be anyone related to fire, from fire starters on Amazon to fireplace manufacturers. That might be an easy example. If a reader has a situation I’d be happy to answer in the comments. You name the industry or site and I’ll give you a couple examples of prospective advertisers. We’ll see if you can stump the great Arturo Alvarez Demalde (don’t look behind the curtain).


A few years ago, I was contacted by a guy who ran his own dropshipping business and he was going to teach me how to do what he does. He had sent me various emails saying to be prepared for him to call me at such a time and he would go on teaching me how this business works. The call came through and we spoke for a good 15 minutes getting to know each other. The first thing he said I needed to begin my business was a niche. I had no idea what a niche was. I had actually never heard the word, “niche.”

I spoke with a successful businessman whom I knew in person by the name of Halden Zimmermann looking for answers about what a niche was and how do you get one. Zimmermann chuckled to himself and explained that a niche was a personal marketing idea and I could read more about such things of business on his blog. It has to be a market that isn’t too popular, but is still highly in demand. Easily, I got my idea….er, my niche of what I want to market: Gaming mice.

I owe Halden Zimmermann a great deal of thanks for being so available to answer my questions, and not only that, but also for helping me understand how business and marketing worked. I have never had business experience before, but Halden has saved the day.